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Securing our Borders and Immigration Reform

Securing our Borders and Immigration Reform

Noteware’ maternal grandparents immigrated to the US through Ellis Island approximately 100 years ago; they became proud Americans.

He believes that a healthy and honest immigration system is essential for the continued growth and prosperity of our great country. He sees firsthand everyday the tremendous contributions to our economy and culture that legal immigration brings. Noteware also understands that this is a country of laws and that illegal immigration eats away at that fundamental principle.

Noteware will work tirelessly to secure our nation’s border. He supports building a wall on our southern  border, utilization of enhanced surveillance technologies and the use of other immigration enforcement tools such as E-Verify. Congress must fulfill its role to refine the nation’s immigration laws to provide a fair and enforceable immigration system that will enable those in our country illegally to register, pay a fine, and to have the option of earning citizenship.
Otherwise they must agree to annual registration as a resident alien.

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