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Mitigate flooding and prevention

Mitigate flooding and prevention

Houston’s inability to cope with ongoing major flooding issues is an existential threat to its economic future. No one will fight harder to force major changes in the way the federal government, through the Corps of Engineers and other agencies, works to mitigate flooding in the Houston area.

Noteware has lost significant amount of his family’s possessions in two major floods during his lifetime. Most recently the massive release of floodwaters from Addicks and Barker reservoirs during Harvey caused extensive damage to his town home on Post Oak Timber Drive. And in 1965 floodwaters in the Sacramento River Delta broke through federally maintained dykes and destroyed the Noteware family farm. Damages from the Sacramento River floods were never recovered and the farm ended up being a total loss. Houston cannot afford the same fate.

Local elected officials, including Democrats in Congress and newly elected Harris County leadership, continue to DRAG THEIR FEET.

Jim Noteware will not stop fighting for Houston’s flood mitigation until meaningful improvements are completed.

Join Jim in taking back TX 7 and fire the democrats

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