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Protecting Taxpayers from Government Abuse

Protecting Taxpayers from Government Abuse

Jim Noteware is the only Republican candidate who has demonstrated his personal commitment to fighting for taxpayers’ rights.  

In December 2017 Noteware filed a lawsuit against the City of Houston regarding the misleading language on the November 2017 ballot that approved a $1 billion offering of Pension Obligation Bonds as part of Mayor Sylvester Turner's pension "reform" plan. The Mayor’s campaign for this bond approval specifically stated that “no new taxes” would be necessary and the ballot language made no mention of a tax increase.  Yet the underlying ballot ordinance officially passed by the Mayor and City Council included a provision that will allow the City to increase the property tax cap to repay these bonds.  

Taxpayers should not be subject to a dishonest government that increases property taxes in this surreptitious manner.

Join Jim in taking back TX 7 and fire the democrats

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