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Jim Post his answers to all questionnaires online

Houston, TX -
February 8, 2020

What Are Questionnaires and Why Are They Important?

n each campaign season, some organizations (media, policy/advocacy, religious, etc.) seek to learn about candidates -- their background and personality, their policy positions and priorities, their supporters, etc.  Some organizations seek to endorse candidates in the general elections or in some cases, the party primaries.

These organizations often do so by asking the candidates to complete questionnaires and in some cases, inviting the candidates to make presentations.  Many organizations state that the candidates' answers to their questions will be kept confidential; others post the completed questionnaires on their websites for the world to see.  Interestingly, some organizations ask questions on a very wide array of political topics; others are focused on their own narrow interests.  From organization to organization, some questions are similar ("Why are you running?" while some important questions seem never to be asked, such as "How do you propose to make sure that damage from future floods is greatly reduced?")

Jim Noteware has endeavored to complete each questionnaire sent to him, and to complete each as timely as requested.  He has also attended each interview as scheduled.  Jim has decided to post his answers to each of the questionnaires he has answered and submitted for several important reasons.

Jim believes:

  • That the questionnaires and his answers provide a broad summary of his positions on many of the campaign's critical issues (again, save for flooding, which surprisingly has never been asked!).
  • His answers are thorough -- often unique and bold -- and clearly stated; thus they indicate the breadth and depth of his extensive experience and expertise.
  • In transparency and that the voting public deserves to know the position of every candidate on each issue  asked on the questionnaires.
  • Once the voting public compares Jim's answers to the answers of other candidates, they will conclude that Jim has the experience, knowledge and leadership necessary to best represent the citizens of Texas CD-7 in Congress.

Jim hopes that sharing this information -- his perspectives and priorities -- is helpful to the voters of CD-7; a major reason that he is running for Congress is to lead by example -- and transparently stating his policy priorities is the first step in demonstrating how he plans to do just that!Jim invites interested citizens to ask inquire further as they may wish and to attend one or more of the many campaign events hosted by the Harris County Republican Party and other organizations prior to Primary election day on March 3.  He hopes that citizens will then learn first hand of his expertise, his policy priorities, the clarity of his explanations and how he plans to enthusiastically disrupt the existing political process, and reform Congress by aligning Washington's interests with the priorities of CD-7.

You can find the Answers to the Questionnaires here

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