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The International Trade Center of Houston endorses Jim Noteware for Congress

Houston, TX -
March 3, 2020

The International Trade Center of Houston (the ITC) endorses  Jim Noteware for Congress, Texas 7.        

ITC founder and Chairman Wea Lee said: "Jim Noteware is a  leader in international trade and has worked with us since our inception  fifteen years ago. Jim's insight, energy, and vision has resulted in  significant new trade and investment for Houston and for Houston businesses  expanding abroad. Jim is a real ambassador for Houston and Texas in expanding  our reach around the world."

Mr. Noteware responded, "I am honored to receive this  endorsement and more importantly to have facilitated international trade and  investment and legal immigration to Houston. Houston is known worldwide for  its free-market principles and our ability to attract talent with an awesome  entrepreneurial spirit. Houston has the Triple-A success: we ATTRACT people,  we ASSIMILATE people and we help ADVANCE people."

In 2007, Governor Rick Perry appointed Mr. Lee to Chair the  International Management District of Houston. In March 2017, Mr. Lee hosted  Secretary Elaine Chao, his long-time friend from Taiwan, shortly after she  was appointed Secretary of Transportation by new President Donald Trump, to  kick-off the administration's infrastructure program, at the Port of  Beaumont. Mr. Lee and his wife, Catherine, had earned Masters Degrees at  Lamar University in Beaumont in 1978.

The ITC serves over 5,000 small and medium-sized businesses in  the Houston region as the "first stop" off for investors and  entrepreneurs who want to initiate operations in Houston, and as a  "launching pad" for Houston companies to expand around the world.

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