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Astros fire Luhnow, Hinch for sin of omission; CD-7 Voters should fire Lizzie Fletcher too

Astros fire Luhnow, Hinch for sin of omission; CD-7 Voters should fire Lizzie Fletcher too
Houston, TX,
January 14, 2020

Yesterday was a dark day for Houston.  Astros fans were shocked to learn that General Manager Jeff Luhnow and Field Manager A.J. Hinch were suspended for the 2020 season by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred as the result of his investigation that found the team used technology to steal signs on its way to the World Series Championship in 2017.   The suspensions were part of a larger punishment for the team – a $5 million fine and loss of the first- and second-round draft picks in 2020 and 2021.  According to the Wall Street Journal, these were “one of the most severe penalties against an organization in modern baseball history.”  Then bench coach Alex Cora (now manager of the Boston Red Sox) and player Carlos Beltran (now Manager of the New York Mets) were also implicated but as yet have received no punishment.  Manfred chose not to punish other players.

Then, Astros owner Jim Crane fired Luhnow and Hinch, stating “Neither of them started this, but neither one did anything about it.”  

It is clear that both Manfred and Crane have distinguished between the Sin of Commission (actually doing something wrong) and the Sin of Omission (knowing of the wrong-doing but not acting to correct it).   And, given their decisions to punish Luhnow and Hinch severely but not to punish the players who actually devised and carried out the sign-stealing scheme, both Manfred and Crane have determined that the Sin of Omission is a far worse wrong than the original Sin of Commission.

So it goes in the politics of our cultural priorities and governmental structure – right here in Texas’s Congressional District 7.   The Democratic leadership in Congress – from the “Squad” to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – as well as the leading Democratic candidates for President -- have pledged to support “The Green New Deal” and “Medicare for All.”  The Green New Deal seeks to end fossil fuel consumption, and Medicare for All would eliminate private health insurance in order move the country to a single-payer, read Government payer, system for the nation’s health care.  

Eliminating fossil fuel consumption would virtually shut down the entire economy of Houston and Texas, and Medicare for All would likely shut down the Texas Medical Center, as well as bankrupting our country.   While these proposals are so extreme as to be practically unrealistic, it is their intent and widespread Democratic support that is clearly dangerous and most urgent.

The Green New Deal and Medicare for All are the political Sins of Commission.

What is worse, in politics as in sports (and in business and life in general), are the Sins of Omission.  During her campaign a year ago, newly elected Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher pledged to support both the Houston energy industry, nearly all of which is based upon fossil fuels, and the Texas Medical Center.  She also pledged to be independent of Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership.  

Since her inauguration, however, Congresswoman Fletcher has voted with Speaker Pelosi virtually 100% of the time.  What is most important, however, she has NEVER spoken to challenge or repudiate The Green New Deal or Medicare for All.  Congresswoman Fletcher’s silence is the Sin of Omission – and like the unfortunate experience of the Astros – more harmful than the original Sin of Commission.  If all – or even most – members of the Democratic majority in the House remain silent, at some point soon we can expect legislation that will pass both measures.

History has shown that silence in the face of adversity, like appeasement in the face of danger, can have significant and lasting consequences.

What we need in Texas Congressional District 7 is for the voters to take decisive action like Astros owner Jim Crane did yesterday – and fire Congresswoman Fletcher in this coming November’s election.  

I am running to challenge Congresswoman Fletcher as a Republican that is fully supportive of the Houston’s fossil fuel energy industry and the Texas Medical Center.  I believe that: 1) the Texas shale revolution has given the United States energy independence and therefore changed the worldwide strategic balance of power; and 2) the gains in length and quality of life that we all enjoy are a direct result of the consistent innovation in health care from the Texas Medical Center.  We simply cannot risk the foolish attacks on our two greatest industries by the Democratic Congress or potential presidents.

Please join me in my effort to re-take Congressional District 7 and with it, the US House of Representatives.

Jim Noteware
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